Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm officially a blogger

So where do I begin? I'm actually kinda surprised I decided to enter the every popular world of blogging. How this all happened was not out of me wanting to be up on the latest media craze. I think this was all birthed out of the need to be obedient to God. I have been on an absolutely roller coaster of a ride for the past few weeks and have been filled with so many emotions, visions, thoughts, ideas, etc but I haven't been able to get everything out in the open. Sometimes I feel like I can't express my thoughts to people around me for various reasons but after all that has transpired recently and over the past year, I knew it was time to let the flood gates open.

So where do I begin? I'm a Jesus freak...plain and simple. I have come to know the love of God and I can never imagine operating in this world without that peace and protection. My life has undergone a complete transformation within the past year...all for the greater good. I will slowly catch the world (by that I mean myself) up on how I got to where I am today...a lover of Christ, a missionary in the making, a world changer, a leader.

More to come...

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