Thursday, March 31, 2011

Children Are Not For Sex

As the days wind down and it gets closer and closer to my departure to Peru, my heart is still unsettled at the thought of the reason I am going. I am going to of course spread the gospel to street kids on the streets of Lima who fight daily to just stay alive. These children are treated worse than animals. It's funny that the city officials will randomly vaccinate stray dogs but will try to burn street kids alive. These kids are literally fighting to survive. Those that do also have to fight to not be trafficked for sex. It's a lose lose situation. You either get killed or are picked up and forced into prostitution...girls and boys. Children. Heart breaking.

I found this clip on Facebook from a local pastor who is stepping up to speak out for the children of Atlanta who are bought and sold like property on the streets daily. I am thrilled that celebrities are getting wind of these atrocities going on and are using their voice to speak out. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have a non profit that is geared to educate and bring awareness to human trafficking. But it was this clip by Ashley Judd that touched my heart and brought me to tears. Her words aren't the words of someone who heard about the problem and felt compelled to help. Her words are the words of someone that has seen first hand the devastation that comes along with knowing a child has been a victim of sexual exploitation right here in Atlanta.

Please keep my Peru missions team in your prayers as we prepare to bring some light and hope to a generation of children who need it the most.

Watch "Ashley Judd: Children Are Not for Sex" on YouTube

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

God's Love Letter To Women

When I created the heavens and the earth, I spoke them into being. When I created man, I formed him and breath life into his nostrils. But you woman, I fashioned after I breathed the breath of life into man because your nostrils are too delicate. I allowed a deep sleep to to come over him so I could patiently and perfectly fashion you.

Man was put to sleep so that he could not interfere with the creativity. From one bone, I fashioned you. I chose the rib, which protects his heart and lungs and supports him, as you are meant to do. Around this one bone I shaped you, I modeled you, I created you perfectly and beautifully.

Your characteristics are as the rib: strong, yet delicate and fragile. You provide protection for the most delicate organ in man, his heart. His heart is the center of his being; his lungs hold the breath of life. The ribcage will allow itself to be broken before it will allow damage to the heart.

Support man as the ribcage supports the body. You were not taken from his feet, to be under him, nor were you taken for his head, to be above him. You were taken from his side, to stand by him and to be held close to his side.

You are My perfect angel… you are My beautiful little girl. You have grown to be a splendid woman of excellence, and My eyes fill when I see the virtues in your heart. Your eyes… don’t change them. Your lips, how lovely when they part in prayer. Your nose, so perfect in form. Your hands, so gentle to touch. I have caressed your face in your deepest sleep. I have held your heart close to Mine. Of all that lives and breaths, you are most like Me. Adam walked with Me in the cool of the day, yet he was lonely. He could not see Me or touch Me.

He could only feel Me. So everything I wanted Adam to share and experience with Me, I fashioned in you; My holiness, My strength, My purity, My love, My protection, and support. You are special because you are an extension of Me. Man represent My image, woman My emotions. Together, you represent the totality of God.

So man, treat woman well. Love her, respect her, for she is fragile. In hurting her, you hurt Me. What you do to her, you do to Me. In crushing her, you only damage your own heart; the heart of your Father and the heart of her Father. Woman, support man. In humility, show him the power of emotion I have given you. In gentle quietness, show your strength. In love, show him that you are the rib that protects his inner self.

Jesus Loves You

I can't take credit for these words. I found it on a blog by Joshua De Gracia from Grace Bible Church in Hawaii (my sister's church!). He is the founder of Know God Know Love. Though Joshua may not be the original author, I wanted to give him some credit since I got it from his site. Enjoy and spread to the world.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Organized Chaos

I realize my life can be summed up in two words: Organized Chaos. Sometimes I feel pulled in a hundred directions but I like the challenge. Everyone and everything has a place, a time and a reason. I like to plan my days and weeks out in advanced while attempting to hold onto a more flexible, go with the flow attitude. Some days I am a jumbled mess, others (like today) I have a peace that transcends all understanding.

There is a method to my madness...most days. There is a plan for my life and I am in charge of casting the vision so that I meet my end goal. I know where I am supposed to go but getting there is the hard part. After my blog entry yesterday, I took a hard look at where I am supposed to end up and my process of getting there. Organized chaos for sure. I'm feeling some growing pains because I know that right now, I need to shed some of my distractions, my own personal desires and wants, in order to make this organized chaos a little bit more focused. I am often plagued with distractions (blogging while at work) and usually when I am doing what I want to do, I can probably think of 10 other things I should be doing. I never really feel all that bad because at the end of it all, what needs to get done gets done.

I sometimes wonder if God can find the intentions of my heart and actions in the midst of all my clutter and mayhew. I have mental and spiritual file cabinets and storage boxes of stuff that I collect to hopefully use one day or to just hold on to for no apparent reason. But in the midst of my hoarding, I wonder if I am leaving much room for the thoughts, ideas, visions or creative processes that He wants me to try on for size.

My words feel like they are not quite making sense on the screen but I can decipher the codes in my mind. One of the apparent by-products of a life of organized chaos. I am glad that my Father gets me, He can speak my language and still manages to climb over my storage room of clutter and plant little pearls of wisdom into my heart. I am set apart from the rest for sure. I still tell people The Good News, but in my own quirky and down to earth way. I still hurt for the lost, the broken, the unrepentant. Even with my chaos, I try to do all things with His heart in mind. I am not perfect nor do I conform. I thrive in my chaos and it makes me me. I really don't think He would have it any other way.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lead and Inspire

I have to confess that I have not be very wise with my time management lately. I have a million and three things on my plate lately and I feel like I have been pretty slack in doing everything with excellence. It's not that I am overwhelmed but simply because I have been letting other things, people and various distractions keep my focus off of what I know I should be doing. I could super spiritualize it and say its an attack from the enemy to keep me off of the path that God intends for me to be on. Or I can just be honest and say I have been lazy.

I vote with lazy.

I'm glad I am having this reality check now as opposed to later because there are so many great things going on that I know are totally a God thing and I seriously would hate to screw that up. With my Crown class, I am learning valuable information about getting out of debt and honoring God in the area of my finances. I can confidently store that under my "wife preparation" file because money is one of the top causes of issues in marriages. Getting that under control from the jump is priority number one for me and God. Not just marriage but life in general really. I have started to procrastinate with the homework and tracking my spending but that can't keep going.

I have my Beth Moore Breaking Free bible study on Saturday morning which I absolutely love but for the past two weeks, I just have not made the time to finish all my homework. Not that I couldn't find time, I just didn't make time. Beth Moore is AMAZING and I learn so much from her studies and I have been dying to do Breaking Free since I heard about it. When I dive into the lessons, God seriously does a work in me which I love. Gotta get back on track.

Small group is going really well and its about that time for me to seriously start preparing to branch out to my own group. Had a good meeting with my small group coach on Tuesday and I told her what vision I had casted for my group. Honestly, I had not put what I think is enough time and thought into but luckily enough, God has a bigger plan for me and still sees fit to give me what I need. He randomly gave me name of the group (The Real Me) as I was googling scriptures about my identity in Christ. Ginger loved the idea and luckily it works for either a woman's group or a co-ed group (though I am hoping to lead a women's group). I now need to find an apprentice to groom and assist me and I am praying that one of the two people I have in mind are interested. Time to get on the ball.

So what does my procrastion have to do with leading and inspiring? Simple. Only I can do what God has called me to do.

He has called me to lead others to the Kingdom of God and I can't do that if I am not a person worth following. If I want to talk to people about the importance of being good stewards over their money, I need to be a good steward over my own money. If I want to talk to people about overcoming strong holds and areas of darkness in their life, I think Beth Moore has some pretty good insight on that so I need to get all I can out of this study so I can share with others and help myself along the way. If I am not intentional about being in the place I need to be when it comes to my small group, I doubt I will be an effective leader.

Last night message on leadership totally has me inspired and renewed to get on the good foot and do what I have been commissioned to do. I bought John Maxwell's book Developing The Leader Within You months ago and its been collecting dust on my shelf until this morning. John Maxwell is dynamic in the area of leadership with Christian values. I happened to come across an audio book for one of his leadership books for $5 at Barnes and Nobles and have been immersed in his teaching all day. I always know its a God motivated thing when I feel that insatiable desire to do His will and with excellence and this was one of those days.

I have been called to lead and inspire. I have an indescribable desire to inspire women and help them find their identity and worth in Christ. For all the Princesses, abuse victims, the battered, the broken, the lost; how different would their life have been had there been that one person that told them they were worth something and meant it? I know I can't save the world but I have the authority to lead and inspire many.

"Do for one what you wish you could do for many." Andy Stanley

Get ready, get ready, get ready.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dreams, Signs and Wonder

I firmly believe that God gives everyone spiritual gifts. I am quite aware of the gifts that I do not believe I possess, a prophetic gift is one of them. I have friends like Jillian and Kemesha that are my go to people when it comes to dreaming and operating in the prophetic. But not me. Yet, for some reason, I have had the third dream in only what I can describe as a series of dreams that are leaving me scratching my head.

In these dreams, there is the same theme: a person from my past coming back to try to rekindle our relationship. The first dream was a proposal (I turned it down)and the second dream was him admitting that he still loved me (I didn't respond). In last night's dream, same admission of feelings and I changed the subject because I didn't know how to respond. At some point I asked about his significant other and his message was "that process to end things happens in 40 days and 40 nights." He repeated that 40 days and 40 nights line a second time. I asked about what they were going to do about their baby and his message was "I will have the baby for 100 days and she will have the baby for 100 days." In my dream, I was confused because that made absolutely no sense. None of it does.

I woke up feeling kinda frantic because I don't like not knowing what dreams mean. I particularly don't like dreaming about people I know God left in my past for a reason. I never try to super spiritualize anything but I am beginning to wonder if there is a meaning or message behind these dreams about this person. Are there any unresolved feelings I am not dealing with? Absolutely not and I think I can confidently say the same thing about the other person involved. Is God trying to give me a message of something to come in the future? I hope not because it whatever is supposed to happen plays out like these dreams, there is going to be some smoke in the city for real.

I looked up the meaning of the number 40 and its a symbol of testing, trials, closing in on victory or defeat. Prime examples would be the Israelites in the wilderness for 40 years (trials), Jesus fasting in the desert for 40 days and being tempted by Satan (testing), and of course the 40 days and 40 nights it rained causing the great flood (defeat for those that perished and victory because of the new covenant God made with Noah). The number 100 means full measure. Not necessarily God's complete measure but His full reward. It also mentioned God's election of grace. The scriptures Genesis 21:5 mentioned Abraham had Issac when he was 100 years old (grace). In Genesis 26:12 Issac planted crops and harvested 100 times more than what he had planted (full reward). Since the numbers 40 and 100 was mentioned twice, I looked up the number 200, which is a symbol for insufficiency. The number 80 is the number of salvation (8) times divine order (10).

At the end of the day, I have no clue whether this person saying the numbers was giving me a message, whether the numbers have anything to do with the content of the dream or if its all in my head. Either way, all I can do is pray about it and see if God is doing some supernatural stuff around me. This should be fun.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mommy AND Daddy Issues

God is working on me as always. Lately, I have been getting calls from my dad at all times of the day. All go unanswered. My dad was absent during 98 percent of my life growing up so we have no relationship. He was around for about a year when I was a freshman in high school but by then, it was kinda hard to have that daddy/daughter connection. It was more like this strange man in our house trying to have a strained conversation about my day. Mix in chronic alcoholism and my lack of acknowledgement for his existence up to this point and you can see why his calls go unanswered. My mother mentioned to me the other day that he had been trying to reach me but that was brushed off with little affect on my desire to connect with him.

My mother and I don't have the best relationship either. Looking back on my life growing up, we didn't have that magical mother/daughter connection either. My siblings and I were raised mainly by my grand and great grandmothers. My mom worked a lot and my over protective grandparents felt we would be better off with them where we were guaranteed a consistent string of hot meals and beds to sleep in. 5 kids by 25 made her a bit irresponsible and laced with her own insecurities and personal struggles. She did not set boundaries with us even though we were not wild kids that need micromanaging. She did not instill worth and affirmation in me so I naturally sought it in other places. Dad never showed me how to be respected by boys and to know that I was a precious commodity so I dealt with emotions and heartbreak as best I could.

Last night as my friend and I were leaving dinner, she began to ask me about my relationship with my mother and father. I answered them very nonchalantly yet honestly all while screaming on the inside. God had been tugging at my heart about my dad during the day and I felt like He was speaking through her about my relationship with my parents.

I have Mommy and Daddy issues. Sigh...

God has an interesting way of reminding us that He knows when we have been healed from issues in our past and when we just ignore them altogether and accept that as healing. The latter has been my case with a lot of things and since He has me in this preparation stage, I guess He sees fit to have me deal with things that really are never on my radar. I am rather indifferent towards both my parents and feel absolutely weird when I talk to them over the phone. Yet, deep down, I know there is a longing for a connection with them that the little girl inside of me wishes I had. I know friends that talk to their mothers everyday about anything, yet I avoid my mother's phone calls. I have friends that talk about their fathers with such respect and admiration and that just seems like a foreign concept to me. It gets overwhelming sometimes because it makes me think that are large chucks in my personality and decision making that is not quite balanced because I didn't have those key figures being up front and center during critical times in my life. I still remember meeting a guy some years back that I liked that said he could never marry someone who didn't grow up in a two parent house hold like he did.

Think I have been feeling a little inadequate since then. Words are very powerful. Think me and God are gonna have a field day at the end of the month since I am taking Ancient Paths 2. Finally have some junk for him to bring to the light.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birds of a Feather

We have heard the saying "Birds of a feather flock together." People with similar personalities, likes and interest seem to gravitate towards each other. With that said, having similar characteristics can be a good thing or a bad thing. If you happen to be someone who is always positive thinking, looking at the brighter side of life, you will tend to attract people with the same positive, sunny outlook. Yet, if you carry around a negative and broken spirit, chances are you will attract those kind of people.

When it comes to relationships, I learned a long time ago that people tend to date the same person over and over again. Same person, different face. I took a hard look at some of my past relationships and realized that I was in a never ending cycle of dating the same type of person because I wasn't changing. I was still carrying around whatever type of spirit I had at the time, from one relationship to the next, wondering why my dating situation didn't change. I always attracted passive and slightly insecure men. Not that they were insecure and wore it on their sleeve, but just enough of a broken spirit that I could recognize because I was just like them. Sprinkle in my innate desire to save everyone, I often entered relationships with obvious red flags thinking I was going to be their saving grace. I was going to be the one to win them over by helping them become a better person. Only problem was the fact that two broken people don't really do a good job in making each other better.

Fast forward to the present day and I am definitely not that same girl I was back then. Long gone are the days where I needed someone to validate and define me. I am a new creation. A new creation in Christ. I have finally stepped into the identity that God Himself defined for me. I am His Beloved, worthy to be cherished, loved by the Creator of the universe. I have been healed from past hurts, delivered from insecurity, fear and shame. I am now that person that carries around that light of hope and promise. And what's even better is the fact that I still attract people like me. The new me. I attract people with the same zeal and thirst for God and His righteouness. I attract people that refuse to confirm to the ways of the world. I am among a generation of believers that live a life set apart from the rest. It hit me the other day when I was thinking about a crush I had a while ago and realized he was nothing like any of my past boyfriends. He carried a spirit of confidence and purpose that I hadn't seen in a guy before. He saw the good in everything and refused to let life get the best of him.

Birds of a feather.

At some point, we all have to take that hard look at our lives and realize that we are the common denominator in all of our relationships and friendships. Sometimes, it's not them, it is you. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. When you stay the same, your outcome will stay the same. But when you embrace the new life that can only be obtained through Jesus Christ, you get off that beaten path and get put on the road less traveled. The road that is filled with blessings, unending grace and mercy, and a soul shaking love and joy that cannot be matched by anything in the world. You will find others just like you. Those that decided to leave the old behind and become a new creation.

You are not alone. Birds of a feather really do flock together.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ready or Not?

My friend Diana dropped the bomb on me last night. I love her because she isn't afraid to call me out of my foolishness and she asks the questions that need to be asked. She does it all in love but doesn't sugar coat. As we were discussing the guy I have "noticed" she asked a very important question that I had not even thought about in all these months.

"Are you really ready for your heart's desire?"

I was silent. I seriously had no words and no train of thought to attempt to answer that questions. She had me. I had to admit to myself that I didnt think I was ready. In fact, the idea slightly terrified me.

I seriously think God has me in a season of preparation. For what, I am not totally certain but I would like to think its somewhere in the relationship realm. He has taken me through seasons of trust, transparency and now preparation. He is putting me in positions that stretch and challenge me. He is placing people around me that encourage me and model how a life that edifies God looks like. I have great teachers and leaders around me that are helping me grow and learn more about myself.

But am I ready?

I pray often for my husband. Strange I know considering I am single. I figured if God has a specific person for me in mind already, why not start praying for him? I have no idea who he is but I thank God for him, I pray for his health, his relationship with God, favor in his career, school, whatever he is doing. Why wait until I get married or even when we start dating/courting to pray for him? Anyway, I pray for my husband but when Diana asked me if I am even ready to receive the desires of my heart, it made me really think. Am I ready to be someone's girlfriend let alone wife? Yeah, the desire is there but is my life in order? Chew on that for minute.

I realize I have very limited time. I think Tuesdays and the weekends are probably the only nights that I don't already have something scheduled and usually the weekends are jam packed with errands, time with the boys, birthday parties, BBQ, movie or dinner dates, seminars, Bible study, impromptu gatherings with friends, etc. Where would a boyfriend fit? In all this chaos of days that bleed into each other, where does God fit in all of this. I realize that I don't always pencil in time for God so I certainly shouldn't rearrange my schedule to fit a guy.

Am I prepared for my heart's desire? I am working on getting my finances in order, I have dealt with bruises and hurts from my past and can honestly say they are no longer strong holds in my life. I have wonderful examples of Godly courtships and marriages that I can go to for advice so I am not just flying by the seat of my pants. I have a heart of a servant and understand the role of a submitted help mate in relation to my husband. God has shown me the importance of forgiveness and respect, two big areas I struggled with. I understand the need for courting with a purpose and a vision and not just dating to pass the time. I am an advocate for purity, not just abstaining from sex. I know the direction God wants me to go and it seriously ignites my heart with passion when I think about it.

Am I prepared for my heart's desire? I think I am. I think approaching relationships with a new attitude and outlook on life is a bit scary because I am used to operating totally with my flesh. I do believe that is where my fear stems. I am in a position where I have taken the time to get to know a person before I started to get butterflies and I don't recall that ever happening in before. Usually I am so overtaken with the physical aspect that getting to know them was something that I just hoped would come later, even though it didn't always happen that way. I am treading in foreign territory but its okay. This in itself is preparation. Even if this guy and I never make it past the friend stage, I have learned to guard my heart. I have realized that I can like someone without being consumed with sexual thoughts and desires. I have learned to pray for wisdom and discernment and I refuse to compromise on what I feel is right. I have learned to set boundaries and respect boundaries that he has in place. I am learning patience, no connection before commitment, and still keeping God and His business at the fore front.

Am I prepared for my heart's desire. Yeah.

For The Love of Money...

I've been taking this finance class at church that give us Biblical understanding of how God sees money and the resources He entrusts us with. It has been an eye opening process to say the least. There are over 2,300 references in the Bible that speaks on money, possessions, debt and giving. God obviously has a lot to say about how me handle money and kinda knew that man would struggle in this area in the long run.

Last night in class, one of the verses we went over was Luke 16:10 which says “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much." For some reason, that one verse out of all the verses we discussed stuck out to me the most. If I can be trusted with a little, then I surely can be trusted with a lot. But in reality, I haven't been that responsible when it comes to money so that's probably why God is kinda hesitant about pouring out His intended blessings on me, and rightly so.

Since last night, I have been thinking about my desired career which is counseling. I intend to using my counseling expertise to help in the after care of sex trafficking victims because that is an area that is seriously lacking. Georgia has about 60 beds available in the whole state to handle the critical after care process and we are #1 when it comes to space. That's not saying too much considering there are any where from 300-400 young girls on the streets every night. I am taking a break from school because I was getting burned out and I have so many other things on my plate with ministry work, I seriously don't have time to finish up the few classes I have left. I am stalling because I know that counselors in Atlanta don't make very much because the market is flooded with psych majors from all the universities in the area. For a while, I was a bit discouraged about investing so much money into my education for undergrad and grad school, knowing it doesn't pay off salary wise in the long run. In GA, a masters level counselor/psychologist only makes about $35K.

I realize my hesitation for finishing my grad program, the excuses, stalling, doubts about why I even persued this field was all rooted in money. Definitely a revelation for me. The Bible says in Matthew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money." I cannot be so bound to money that I follow it, instead of God.

My attitude about money is definitely changing. I am feeling the desire to actually put God first in that area and honor Him and continue on the path that pleases Him. The amount of money I make should not be my determining factor because even if I make a little, if I am faithful in handling the little I have, God will bless me with more to handle. He has a supernatural way of providing for His faithful children. He can truly make a way out of what we think is no way. I love when the pieces fall into place like this and God removes the veil from my eyes. He does have a plan for me and I am standing in the way of something great. I need to surrender my fears, thoughts, doubts, finances, career goals and desires over to Him so that He can do His thing and work everything together for my good and His glory. There is so much that I have been put here to do but I haven't been obedient in doing those things. A new day is here and a new attitude has been awakened and I am ready to see God's supernatural work happen before my eyes. I am determined to only serve Him and not money. I am determined to faithful and honest in the little that He has entrusted me with so that He can trust me with more in the future.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

In God We Trust...

Last night, I had one of those  moments that required a little spiritual intervention. I went to the movies with my friend to see The Adjustment Bureau. It was a great movie with lots of spiritual undertone which I liked. It was also a love story which was cool too. Until the movie was over. Since my friend Diana and I went to the theater at Atlantic Station, I had every desire to have dinner at Strip because I wanted sushi. I knew Diana had to go babysit after the movie so I asked another friend if she could join me. She had baby duty but invited me over later. I figured if Diana and I weren't going to have dinner at Strip, I was gonna have Chinese take out with Quiana. I was kid free and really didn't want the evening to be wasted.

But God, in His marvelous design had other plans. Diana couldn't have dinner, Quiana was no longer available and I even called a plan C friend who also wasn't available. It was 10:00 PM and I was to about to head home alone, after watching Matt Damon and Emily Blunt defy the odds and walk off into the sun set. I hadn't felt that twinge of loneliness in quiet some time. Guess I have been too busy to notice. More like intentionally busy so I don't have to notice. Moment of transparency.

As I was riding home, I decided to have a honest heart to heart with God about the current condition of my heart. At some point in my rambling, I started to say "God I trust You to know what's best for me and to have a plan for me." I knew in my heart that if I said those words, they wouldn't be completely true. My beloved Beth Moore said in her Esther bible study that "we trust God as long as He is doing what we say." He was being a tad silent in the relationship department so He wasn't exactly doing what I said. So I wasn't really trust Him to deliver in His promise. As my tongue was working with my thoughts to say the partly untrue statement, all I could manage to get out was "God, I trust." Period. God, I trust. I must have said those 3 words 100 times, trying to finish my original, partly false statement. But, I couldn't. I mean I physically could not say anything but "God, I trust." And I felt okay. I felt like I needed to just trust. Trust with no conditions, no finite parameters, just trust Him with all my heart and know that He keeps His word.

He isn't concerned so much with my impatience but does hate when I feel lonely, cause He wants to be the one I turn to for comfort. He is jealous for me and desires to just have me trust that He alone is enough. And He is. Even when I don't want to, He's right there waiting, probably tapping His foot,
but waiting nonetheless for me to come to Him, tears and all, so He can fill the empty spaces I try to fill with people and activites. He knows me so well that He won't even let me utter a lie to Him. He just wants me to trust. Period.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Not For Sale

It's been a while since I have posted an entry. Life has gone into crazy over drive. I realize my days and free time a very limited but I am enjoying the chaos. I have a financial class that I take on Monday nights for the next 13 weeks to help me be a better steward of my money. I have Fusion services on Wednesdays, either small group or small group planning meetings on Thursdays, I am usually hanging out with kids or friends, Saturdays at 7AM I have my Beth Moore bible study group until 9AM. In the afternoons, I usally am hanging with friends or the kids. Sundays is church. At some point in the week, I manage to cook, clean, do laundry, do homework, make it to work and a host of other things. Sleep falls in there at some point!

Back to the task at hand. I was browsing on the Not For Sale website, when I ran across the Peru section that talked about Lucy Borja and the Generacion organization that we will be working with. They posted a video clip of some of the street children of Peru and it broke my heart. Just to hear the story of how life for these children are is enough to make anyone want to take the world on just so they can know peace and happiness. These are the children that are in a fight everyday to keep from being bought and sold for sex and labor. Thank God for hearts like Lucy. Even though she is not a Christian, she still has a heart like Christ.

Not For Sale | Latin America from Not For Sale Campaign on Vimeo.