Friday, July 16, 2010

Jesus Talk

I have a confession...I am a Facebook junkie. Seriously. It's to the point where I check Facebook when I get up in the morning, before I go to bed and I check it maybe a 100 times during the day. Facebook is up on the next tab while I type this.

I am just like the other 40 gazillion people that update their statuses every hour and post a 1000 pictures a day. But, I think I'm slightly different than the rest of the Facebook community. I try to spread the love of God as much as I can to the 500+ friends I have. Yeah that's a lot of time to do some Jesus talk (thanks Aaron for coining that phrase this morning).

I never really thought the scriptures or Christian song lyrics I put registered with anyone outside my church friends. Didn't know my random praises to God for moving in my life pierced the heart of some of my friends living outside the faith. But it does. They've told me. Score one for the Kingdom.

I have a friend who I have known since middle school. We both had similar families and grew up in the church like every other kid in Columbus, MS. She moved to Georgia a few years ago and we keep in contact from time to time. We hang with different crowds and our lives are on two opposite ends of the spectrum. She likes to party, I live to hang with my small group friends and do outreaches. She likes flashy cars and clothes, I get excited about spring dresses at Wal-Mart. But Facebook is our common ground.

My church's youth ministry, 212, had their annual spring break trip to the GA mountains called Ignite. I had never been but heard amazing testimonies and of course my middle schooler was going. So some friends and I headed up to Jasper, GA for a night I will never forget. This was the night I was baptized in the Holy Spirit for the very first time. Completely jacked up with a gym full of young Jesus freaks. When I finally stopped shaking and laughing in the streets, I updated my Facebook status to give God His glory.

Then it happened. I got an email from my party friend. She had been checking out my saved and sanctified status updates and this one just spoke to her. She wanted to know what church I attended where the kids were that on fire for God. I told her about Victory, Fusion and 212. She agreed to come to Fusion the following Wednesday. Score two for the Kingdom.

My friend enjoyed the service, the awesome Fusion band and the fact that 300+ people that were our age were jumping, singing, and dancing praises to God. She had never seen that before. She only came to that one service and hasn't asked about coming again, but she did admit that she felt like God was calling her back to Him. She took that leap of faith to come and visit a church, thanks to a Facebook status.

A co-worker of mine stopped me in the mail room and told me that she enjoys reading my inspirational messages on Facebook. It makes her want to get her relationship right with God. During my s2s trip, a old high school classmate sent me a private message on Facebook asking if I could pray for her to get out of controlling relationship. Another co-worker likes to read about the ministry work I do, like rescuing Princess from sex slavery. Another co-worker asked me to pray for her. My co-worker Aaron tagged me in a post just this morning thanking me for my Jesus talk. Score 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 for the Kingdom.

Paul said in Corinthians that we are all living letters. My Fusion Pastor Johnson Bowie, reminds us that our lives should be a reflection of Jesus Christ because sometimes we are the only bit of Jesus some people get. I strive to always "be Jesus" cause I never know who is watching. Never know who needs that bit of inspiration, that jolt of faith. Never know what seeds we plant with just a Facebook status update.

Back to Facebook for some more Jesus talk.

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