Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Checking In

So it's the end of January and I am looking back at some of my new years goals. It's a lot on the list to accomplish and I have about 11 months to do so. Let's see how I have faired so far.


1. Keep a plant alive
2. Cook through the Pioneer Woman blog
3. Learn to sew (learned how to sew a button on my coat!)
4. Write at least one blog on sex trafficking for
5. Update my personal blog at least twice a week (so far so good)
6. Do one random act of kindness every week (gave a job referral, gave a TGIF coupon, recorded a show for a friend who doesn't have cable.)
. Decorate every room in my house.

Health and Beauty

1. Lose 40lbs.
2. Create a weekly meal plan for me and the boys.
3. Do the 28 day beauty challenge and wear some kind of makeup every day for 30 days.
4. Try a new hair style once a month (Got a new hair product to try so let's see)
5. Treat myself to a new article of clothing or shoes periodically and not feel guilty about it.
6. Be able to walk up Brasstown Bald Mountain and Stone Mountain without feeling like I am going to die.


1. Travel to Peru with the Fusion mission team (writing my support letter tonight)
2. Learn the fundamentals of at least one pro sport
3. Attend one pro basketball, baseball and football game
4. Go to one concert this year
5. Take a plane ride (hope to be accomplished with my Peru trip)
6. Get a tattoo (already got my design, just waiting on a friend)
7. Go to the Cabbage Patch Hospital in Cleveland, GA
8. Spend a weekend in the mountains in cabin (Planning already with Quiana)
9. Travel to Washington DC and New York City
10. Go ice skating.
11. Try AUTHENTIC dishes from at least 5 different countries.

Knowledge/Skills (not looking too good here)

1. Learn Spanish
2. Learn to change a tire
3. Refurbish a piece of furniture


1. Create and stick to a budget
2. Consistently tithe 10% of my income to the church
3. Consistently put 10% of my income into savings
4. Pay off at least 50% of my debt
5. Take Crown and Financial Peace at Victory (already signed up for Crown)


1. Read the entire Bible courtesy of the One Year Bible (in progress)
2. Read Ragmuffin Gospel and Abba's Child by Brennan Manning (starting on Ragamuffin Gospel)
3. Read Crazy Love by Franis Chan
4. Read The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel
5. Read When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson
6. Finish reading Captivating

Spiritual Well being

1. Take Ancient Paths at Victory. (Starting tomorrow!!!)
2. Take the Relating or Dating Seminar at Victory
3. Read one devotional everyday (Thanks Veronica but still need to do it consistently)
4. Do at least 3 outreaches this year (will be done via small groups)
5. Solidify my accountability partners and schedule regular check up meetings
6. Successfully apprentice a small group (I've been fast tracked so I'm praying for the best)
7. Create boundaries with people
8. Write a letter to Jesus each quarter (1st letter written as of last night)
9. Maintain a prayer journal
10. Commit to a day of total fasting and prayer each month

Social and Family Responsibility

1. Take the boys on a proper vacation
2. Schedule at least 1 movie night a week
3. Schedule 1 family outing a month
4. Spend at least 2 weekends in Mississippi
5. Call my siblings, mother, grandmother, and aunt at least once a week (so far so good)
6. Write one letter a month to friends that live out of state. (will be done this weekend)
7. Send birthday and holiday cards to friends and family this year
8. Take professional pictures with the boys

So far so good. I have a long way to go but I am enjoying the process.

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