Thursday, March 31, 2011

Children Are Not For Sex

As the days wind down and it gets closer and closer to my departure to Peru, my heart is still unsettled at the thought of the reason I am going. I am going to of course spread the gospel to street kids on the streets of Lima who fight daily to just stay alive. These children are treated worse than animals. It's funny that the city officials will randomly vaccinate stray dogs but will try to burn street kids alive. These kids are literally fighting to survive. Those that do also have to fight to not be trafficked for sex. It's a lose lose situation. You either get killed or are picked up and forced into prostitution...girls and boys. Children. Heart breaking.

I found this clip on Facebook from a local pastor who is stepping up to speak out for the children of Atlanta who are bought and sold like property on the streets daily. I am thrilled that celebrities are getting wind of these atrocities going on and are using their voice to speak out. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have a non profit that is geared to educate and bring awareness to human trafficking. But it was this clip by Ashley Judd that touched my heart and brought me to tears. Her words aren't the words of someone who heard about the problem and felt compelled to help. Her words are the words of someone that has seen first hand the devastation that comes along with knowing a child has been a victim of sexual exploitation right here in Atlanta.

Please keep my Peru missions team in your prayers as we prepare to bring some light and hope to a generation of children who need it the most.

Watch "Ashley Judd: Children Are Not for Sex" on YouTube

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