Friday, September 10, 2010

Acts 2:42

"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." Acts 2:42

That is the foundational scripture of Fusion. We devote ourselves to the apostles teachings by coming to our Wednesday night service. We fellowship when we gather together in small group communities. We break bread when we get together as friends and share a meal. We are devoted to prayer when we rally together and prayer for the sick, the lost, the hurting. I am so grateful and overjoyed to be among a group of people from my generation who understand what an Acts 2 church looks like and live it out on the regular!

Last night was such a powerful night for me and it showed me how the body of Christ is supposed to operation. Our fellow Fusionite Joyia Kelly is currently in the hospital with complications with her lungs. Now, I don't know Joyia personally but I know of her, have spoken with her in passing, and coo over her twins Lyric and Journi. You see, Joyia is a walking testimony. She has had a serious heart condition since birth, wasn't supposed to live past age 5 and was never supposed to have children. Well, she is an adult, married to an amazing man of God, and just gave birth to twin girls a year ago. Doctors put limits on God's power and He showed them that He has Joyia covered. A few days days ago, she was rushed to the hospital after spiting up blood. Her husband Courtney said this all happened after having a demonic dream...spiritual attack. People have been praying for Joyia and her family since she went to the hospital. Yesterday, Courtney announced on Facebook that the doctors were saying that they would need to remove a portion of her right lung because of an infection. Someone announced on Facebook that there would be a prayer vigil at the cross at Victory for Joyia and I knew I was supposed to be there. I only recognized a couple of people at the vigil since I don't know everyone at Fusion but we were all there in agreement sending up prayers of thanksgiving and for healing. There was such a peace and joy in the atmosphere and we knew God was already moving. A couple of hours later, Courtney announced that the surgery was off and that her condition was now treatable. All praises to God who still heals!

But He wasn't done yet.

My friend and sister in Christ, Kemesha Allen, is also in the hospital. I got the text from Jill right before leaving work and my heart sank. Me and Kemesha had just hung out at the Nascar race this past Sunday and she is supposed to be heading to Mexico for her 2 month missionary training program on the 17th. The enemy was so busy. We included Kemesha in our prayers at the cross and someone mentioned that her ministry work was going to begin right there in the hospital. A prophetic word in deed. When the prayer time was over, I hit the highway trying to make sure I got to Lawrenceville before visiting hours ended. When I walked into the room, I immediately felt overwhelmed with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Jill, Johana, Cristal and Keith were there praying. This is what community looks like. As I laid hands on Kemesha and gave thanks for her healing that had already begun, I was so overwhelmed with joy and peace that tears began to fall and I began to laugh to myself while praying. The Holy Spirit had everyone filled. There was no fear, no worry. We laughed until it hurt and declared victory over sickness. There was so much peace and joy in that room that we all knew that God was on the move doing His thing. Just got a text from her saying that the surgery is being rescheduled until after she gets a second opinion on Monday and can go home tonight. Total praise to God!! Guess He said no surgeries for Joyia or Kemesha today.

Everyday God shows me just a glimpse of His power and His absolute devotion to us. I serve a God that truly will never forsake me, will always provide for and protect me, will continue to smile at the thought of me even when I sin. He sacrifice His only Son so that I can come to Him and sit at His feet, free of condemnation. This experience is just one of many that I have encountered and will encounter during this journey. This renews my spirit and makes me even more hungry for Christ. He is amazing, faithful and I just stand in awe with thanks in my heart. I am beyond grateful to belong to the Fusion community with people that will drop what they are doing to come to the aid of someone in need. Believers that truly are the hands and feet of Jesus and show His love to any and everyone. I know of plenty of people that go to church but none that I can say live out His commands to make disciples, heal the sick, take care of the poor, love others and mean it like the Fusion community. Just last week, Vittoria's mom saw a family at the park and ride near the church and took it upon herself to speak to them. You see, this wife, husband and toddler had been there for weeks, homeless. People passed them by and a few offered to help but did not follow through. V's mom contacted her and the ball started rolling. Vittoria called Dede, Avery and Nate and by the afternoon, this family was in an extended stay motel with food and supplies. The husband had already gotten a job at Walmart and Nate was working on getting a job for the wife. They went to service this past Saturday and loved it. Nate said that they are still in shock that a group of young people came to their rescue and didn't even know them and truly came through when others failed them. Hey, that's what Christians are supposed to do, that's what Fusion always does. I know that Johnson rests easy knowing that whenever the call goes out to Fusion for a cause or someone in need, they step up and make things happen. Great leadership creates obedient and faithful followers.

When I think of the awesome power of Fusion, I think of Sabrina who we rescued from sex slavery during S2S this summer; Tish who was helped just a few weeks ago; the 30 kids that are being sponsored by Fusionites for Mike Turner's school in Nicaragua; the families in Nashville who were helped after the flood when Fusionites were the first to respond even before Victory sent a team; the hundreds of stories from Fusion on Tour when we went into the community with the gospel, the 700 men who got a hot meal thanks to the Christmas gift to the City with S2S and Fusion, the 55 people that got baptized in street clothes a few weeks ago; the Holy Spirit filled season of Fusion back in the spring that lasted months; Nate whose eyes were healed and Jasmine who was healed from cervical cancer; the amazing outreach coming up in October with Safehouse. These are just a handful of memories that I have and Fusion's work goes so far beyond that. Acts 2:42 is the catalyst behind it all. Come on Jesus.

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