Sunday, January 16, 2011

On The Fast Track...

I finally answered the call to "step up and lead" by becoming a small group apprentice. I fought it for a while because I wasn't quite sure if it was what God was calling me to do or if it was just something I desired to do. So many people spoke such positive things into my life when the idea of leading our generation of young Jesus seekers came up. I think Avery Nesbitt kinda sealed the deal when he asked me to speak at the small group interest meeting at the main church, thinking all the while I was a small group leader. Needless to say, the Fusion coaches were on board with me stepping up. Nothing more heart warming than getting the vote of confidence from my ministry coaches who I really didn't even think paid that much attention to me.

Boy was I wrong.

Dede Nesbitt totally dropped the bomb me on Saturday at the small group apprentice training when she told me that I was on the fast track apprentice list. With Fusion small groups, apprentices are in their role for about 6 months before they are moved from an apprenticeship role to an actual small group leader role. Fast tracked apprentices move up to leaders in half that time. These are usually the people who the coaches believe will excel in their leadership role rather quickly and efficiently. Imagine my surprise when Dede told me I would be having my own group in just a few weeks. Megan Loving saw the surprised look on my face and reassured me that I could totally handle it. Again, more positive affirmation from someone I admire. She explained how she never even officially step into the apprentice role and kinda just fell into the leader role.

In all honestly, I am beyond excited and very humbled that God is totally moving thanks to my obedience. Not only did He believe that I could lead others but He has a plan for that to happen sooner than I expected. With obedience comes so many blessing and break throughs it's crazy. Yield to His command and watch Him do some amazing things!

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