Monday, May 9, 2011

Pink Shampoo and Park Benches

I am still having dreams about a certain someone. Yes. Still. It's to the point where I can almost expect to dream about him at least once a week or two. I am trying to keep a record of what happens in the dreams so at some point, maybe I can make sense of it all.

This latest dream took place sometime last week. It was weird because it included the guy I have "noticed" and my ex. In the dream, I was in the townhouse I lived in for a few years back in Mississippi. Some faceless friends, the guy I noticed (I will call him Jim) and I were hanging out watching movies. Whatever movie was playing ended and people got up to get more snacks and to put in a new movie. For some reason, I asked Jim if he wanted to stay and watch Citizen Kane. Totally random because I have never watched Citizen Kane myself. Jim eagerly agreed (as if he had been wanting me to ask him to stay longer) but left to run to the store.

Jim returned to find me in the up stairs bathroom freshening up my makeup (another odd thing because I don't wear makeup often). He was carrying a shower caddy like college kids use. In the caddy was a grey bottle with a pink label with black writing that said "Shampoo." There was another one maked conditioner and deodorant too. Weird I know. Jim kept looking at me for approval just to kinda like he needed me to tell him he did a good job. I turned my head and when I turned back around to look at him...

...I was on a park bench...staring at my ex wearing a navy blue suit. He looked like he was dressed for work, white shirt and tie and all even though that's not what he wears to work in real life. I kept staring at him trying to figure out why we were on the park bench in the middle of a park. His lips were moving and he was smiling like we were in the middle of an interesting conversation. I saw myself blinking and rubbing my eyes trying to take myself back to that upstairs bathroom with Jim.

It didn't work. It was me and the ex, laughing and talking like old times. I could even feel the warmth from the sun on my cheek. Weird.

I wish I could figure out what these weird series of dreams mean or why they keep happening. Seriously...

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