Thursday, June 16, 2011

Saving One Girl At A Time

It's funny how God works. I have been feeling a bit helpless after being back in the States from my trip. So much work to do in Peru and I come back to my comfortable home, bed, hot, clean water, food, job, cable, cellphone, and other random luxuries I take for granted. I have been feeling a bit disconnected, like I don't fit here because I would rather be doing something instead of being here among a culture of people who turn a blind eye to the rest of the world. Being in a foreign country where water is rationed and children are as dispensable as garbage, you get a new outlook on the world.

I have been in a funk all day. Went to lunch alone just to get out of the office and on my drive back, I knew I needed to have a conversation with God about my mental state. I tearfully pleaded with God to show me what I was supposed to do at this point. What am I supposed to do with my life now that I have these new eyes in which to see the world? I needed an answer.

And there she was. Christine favorite anti-sex trafficking advocate.

While at lunch, I read a few pages of her book "Can I have it all, please?" and had intended on blogging about some of the passages I had read. But after taking a quick detour to she was again. The Freedom Project section of the site featured an article about her efforts to end modern day slavery with The A21 girl at a time. I heard her speak a couple of months ago at my church and her passion to end this atrocity still resonates in me. Seeing that article gave me that familiar ping of fire in my spirit.

End modern day slavery one girl at a time.

I feel like the human trafficking area is where I am supposed to be. That is one thing that I can talk about for hours and never get tired of. That is the one injustice that blows my mind that people are clueless about when I mention. That is the one injustice that breaks my heart to know that even after knowing the facts, people are still indifferent.

Saving one girl at a time. 27 millions people in slavery right now. Christine always says that 27 million is an overwhelming number so if we can just put a name and a face to one victim and save her, it is all worth it. I put a name and a face on one victim this time last year and her name is Sabrina. One girl at a time. God sent me to Peru to get a global perspective on how bad things really are. Before, all I knew was how bad sex trafficking is here in Atlanta. Not discounting what the girls here go through but it does pale in comparison to the stories about trafficking internationally.

Be her freedom...join the a life. Check out Christine's article here.

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