Friday, September 24, 2010


One of the most powerful words I know of besides Jesus, is faith. Faith is a trust in things that are unseen. It is by faith that we are saved in Jesus Christ. None of us here on Earth now have every seen Jesus, but it is our faith in His life, death, and resurrection that frees us from sin and condemnation. It is by faith alone that we are given the gift of salvation. Strong stuff.

Our faith or lack there of can make or break us. I believe that society's lack of faith in God is what is destroying our nation and our world. People kill themselves each and every day because they lacked the faith to know that God will bring them out of their temporary situation. People give up hope because they believe that God has forgotten about them. One set back can be the end all be all for someone that does not have a strong faith in the Creator. It breaks my heart for people that are close to me to not have faith that their situation is only temporary. It breaks my heart that they idolize trivial issues and ignore God's desire for them. It's eye opening how some people walk through life covered in confusion and sin and still don't think to submit to God to be released from their struggles.

I am grateful for my life of brokenness and despair before coming back to Christ because I see the world with a new set of eyes. I know what its like to be absolutely bound to sin and shame and I also know the pure joy and love of God and the freedom in Him. Even when I am going through my own storms and battles, I lean on my Savior for strength and come to Him with a heart of thanksgiving for the works that I know He is already doing in my life. Why doesn't everyone get that? Why doesn't everyone know how life saving faith is?

It's times like these that I am extra grateful to have the love of my Savior poured over me and to have the desire to show His love to others. It's moments like this where I know how strong the need for the Gospel is because this world is so broken and desperate. Praying for a revival of spirits and lives and true encounters with the Risen King. So in love with my Savior right now for loving me.

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