Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Life

It's been a few days since I last made an entry and I hate that. Especially hate that this 90 day devotional is taking a bit longer than 90 days. Well actually I don't mind that so much. I have never been one for reading a devotional every single day but I do try to get it in every couple of days. It also allows me a bit of time to reflect on random revelations that I have in the mean time.

Anyway, my thoughts are with Keith, Alycha, Cristal and Kemesha in Mexico. I have an extra soft spot for mission work though I have never been on a missions trip. Its just something about devoting your life and purpose to spreading the gospel to people that may not otherwise hear about Jesus that just amazes me. It's mind numbing to think about all the countries in the world that do not have a large Christian population. In these days, I am constantly reminded about how Paul talks about singleness being a gift. Had I come to embrace God as a teen, I probably would not have gotten pregnant out of wedlock, which kinda limits my ability to do international missions work. Limits but not stop. But a friend reminded me on FB yesterday that everyone has a different path to take. I know for a fact that if Gavin had not been born, I would not be in Georgia and Aiden definitely would not be here. Everything works divinely according to God's plan. I'm sure He didn't intend on me having 2 kids outside of marriage but He is allowing me to still be present and accounted to do His business.

I've decided to answer the call and join Nate's team to help expand his ministry. Nate is an awesome man of God and has a heart the size of an ocean. I have taken a mom and daughter into my home while they get back on their feet and its all possible because Nate has this crazy way of making things happen. Well actually, Nate is very obedient to God's directions and calls upon other people that he knows are equally obedient. I think this ministry is going to be something amazing and he is rallying a good group of people to help stand behind it. Grateful that he can see my heart for God and His people. Means I am doing something right. Score one for the kingdom.

I'm am still listening out for God to give me some direction on my calling. In the mean time, I am enjoying the place that I am in and the people around me. I couldn't ask for a better community of people around me that truly know the importance of keeping God first, obey His commands and having a heart for others. I have some great friends that I can call upon when in need and for them to help keep me accountable of my actions. Now it's time for me to continue pressing forward, stepping up and out with boldness and courage. The harvest is always plentiful but the laborers are few. Working to bring more laborers into the Kingdom to be about our Father's business.

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