Friday, December 31, 2010

Danny and Annie- A Love Story

Tonight, I had one of my regular conversations with my friend Kisha. She updated me on the marital problems of her god-sister and I was hoping for good news. Her god-sister and husband had been having some difficulties this year and my heart always aches for Christian couples that are struggling to find their way back to the happiness in their marriage. Unfortunately, this latest update included an unexpected baby due to the husband's infidelity. Though they were working on getting past the affair, neither knew that the birth of a baby would be added into the mix. I have never met this woman but I sincerely admire her. She is a Christian wife and she takes her vows seriously. For better or for worse. For richer or for poorer. Through sickness and in health. This couple, married 11 years, have been through all of the above.

I kept asking myself, "What would I do if I were this wife?" Being a single person, it's hard to think about having to deal with something like that in a marriage that hasn't even happened. But, it makes me wonder if that's something that should be looming in the back of my mind. 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Infidelity happens everyday. For this couple, infidelity has been a spirit that they carried around for years, lying dormant, and it has found a season to rear its deceitful head.

Stories like this and many others that I have heard or seen first hand from friends is enough to make me completely jaded and fearful of marriage. Infidelity is real. Even Christian couples are not immune to devastation like this. But at the end of the day, both the husband and wife have a choice. They have a choice to honor their vows and commitment to each other and God. They have a choice to deal with problems head on and not let them grow out of control. They have a choice to respect each other and their marriage. They have a choice to flee from temptation. They have a choice to be diligent and intentional about keeping God and His word in the center of their marriage. They have a choice to cherish the good times and fight through the rough patches. They have a choice.

I hate when issues like this cause me to feel weary of this amazing thing called marriage but I am human. Thankfully, God gave me a little heads up in the form of a YouTube clip to remind me that true love and devotion does still exist. It's funny that during my conversation with Kisha, I was trying to watch this clip but held off until I could give it my undivided attention. I was so distracted that I was certain I was gonna forget about the clip and probably never see it. Glad I did because it was just the spark of hope that I needed to be reminded that there are still magical love stories that God Himself pens. This is the story of Danny and Annie from Brooklyn, NY. This is by far the most inspiration and touching story of everlasting love that I have ever seen.


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