Monday, August 8, 2011

Boys Over Flowers

I must admit that I have a new love interest. One that has taken up quite a bit of my free time (what little I do have) and take over my thoughts with wonder. I am almost ashamed to admit it...actually no I'm not. I'm that awkward girl that likes all kinds of weird stuff.

I am in love with the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers.

When I visited Peru a couple of months ago, I remember some of the young Peruvian girls being completely obsessed with this Korean drama (kinda like a soap opera minus the endless story line and blatant sex) called Boys Over Flowers. For some reason its just struck me as odd that Peruvian kids were watching Korean shows. They were caught up in the fantasy world and desperately wanted their lives to be like the main characters. A few weeks ago, I was reminded again of the drama by a couple of girls in my small group and since I tend to have LOTS of down time at work, I figured I would check it out since it was available on Netflix (I have the app on my smart phone).

25 episodes, some tears, screams, near panic attacks, and victorious cheers later, I am finally finished with the entire series. Unlike American shows, Korean dramas don't drag on needlessly for 12 season until their is nothing left to write about. Korean dramas end after anywhere between 10-50 episodes. Boys Over Flowers was the most popular drama in South Asia about a year ago and it spread like wildfire to other countries. Now that it has ended, I honestly feel like I have parted ways with some old friends after experience a roller coaster of adventures, heartaches, mixed emotions, betrayals, disappointments, redemption and triumphs. I enjoy a good love story and this definitely was one I could appreciate without having to shield my eyes from flashes of half naked women.

If you have some free time and enjoy foreign shows, I would highly suggest Boys Over Flowers to anyone. It's a high school drama but a far cry from Gossip Girl and 90210. It's cheesy but heartwarming at the same time. The emotions of the actors is far beyond what I have seen before and it's truly what makes the show real. I hate that the show has ended but I am enjoying the memories and warm feelings I get when I remember the story. I don't watch TV much so I have no clue what is on but if they had more shows like this, I would probably watch more.



  1. i'm gonnna have to check this out. been seeing a lot of talk about it on fb lately . . .

  2. Yes!! It's good. A little awkward in the beginning but you will like it. I'm watching another drama that has now captivated my attention since Boys Over Flowers has ended.