Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Am That Girl...

Last night I was talking with a friend who was a little baffled by the fact that I mentioned I really didn't watch TV anymore. We have had conversations in the past about changes that we have both made since coming to Christ, mine more "radical" than his. I knew the reaction that I would get when I said what I did, and it didn't bother me really. I'm used to it. I am used to the gasps and looks of uncertainty when I tell people about things I refrain from in order to make sure that what I do is pleasing to God. I am far from this locked up in the house, one step away from the convent type girl, but when I decided to be serious about God, I developed a new set of eyes in which to see the world and a new level of conviction about how I was living my life. Once you accept salvation, you become a new creation. That means leaving behind some of the old ways in order to be set apart from the rest of the world. Jesus saved me from a life of condemnation in the world, so why try to keep my feet there?

I realize I am okay with being "that girl" who lives to a higher standard that others may not get. Comes with the territory. Call me a Jesus freak...I am and I wear that proudly.

I am that girl who has decided that after years of meaningless sex, I will refrain from it until I get married.

I am that girl who truly believes that God has "the one" for me and it's not my job to meddle in His plans by pursuing relationships on my own. Patience is a virtue.

I am that girl that has decided that placing things before my eyes and ears that cause me to have lustful and impure thoughts is unacceptable. Cuts out a lot of TV, movies, music and porn. Yep I said porn. Purity above abstinence.

I am that girl who realizes that sitting down with a group of friends and just sharing all that supernatural things that God is doing is the far more fun than going to a club or party and fending off rude guys.

I am that girl that believes in serving in the church. Time out for just holding down a seat. Be active in the local body of Christ so that others can experience His goodness as well.

I am that girl that has had to choose between being a "friend" and honoring what God says. I knew that this journey would not be easy and many will not have the same view point as me, but at the end of the day, my devotion is to honoring God, not leading friends down destructive paths.

I am that girl who has been ridiculed and made fun of by family because I am not ashamed to love God openly. Hey, if they made fun of Jesus, I can take one for the team too.

I am that girl who has forgiven people who have hurt me the most in life and now I pray for their own happiness and blessings. Only God can get you to that place of freedom.

I am that girl who has not been in a relationship in almost 2 years and is perfectly okay with that. True. I realized that God had some work to do to heal my scars so I don't continue the cycle of destructive relationships. If He was patient enough to continue chasing me for 20+ years, I can be patient enough to let Him mold me into who He has called me to be.

I am that girl who loves to be surrounded with broken, hurting people. Why? Because I was like them just a short time ago so why not pour into them love and encouragement that was poured into me when I was hurting.

I am that girl who would love to have a life dedicated to doing mission work. I thought that the city of Atlanta was filled with darkness and hurting people but I was in for a shock when I traveled to Peru. I had no clue what hurting and desperation was until I spent 10 days in the deserts of Peru surrounded by people who literally have nothing.

I am that girl who is absolutely passionate about ending sex trafficking. My heart broke at the thought of it and I actually took action. It's one thing to hear about it but its another thing to do something about. Whether its attending events to lobby against it, doing a donation drive to support organizations that fight it or just spreading the word on Facebook, it's doing something.

I am that girl who believes that every professing Christian in the world has a duty to love like Christ, pursue Him wholeheartedly, live a life that is purposeful, and to introduce others Him. Period.

Yep, I am that girl.

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