Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Perfect Timing

God has been absolutely blowing my mind lately. He has all but split open the sky to let me know that this desire I have for writing is of Him and not just something I like to do. He wants to use me to spread His message through books, blogs, whatever medium He sees fit in order to "set the captives free." I think the final bit of confirmation came from an email I got late Sunday night from a young lady that I have never met (Hi Nicole!) but who spoke the most encouraging and confirming words to me in an email. We follow the same blog and she found the link to this blog and the rest was all God.

God gave me this idea about what to write about on August 21. I wrote a few pages of notes and some random names to remember later. Ever since that day, I have had this overwhelming, absolutely consuming desire to focus on that idea to a point where it is hard to focus on anything else. I asked my lovely friend Amber to meet up so I can share with her all that God has been revealing to me. As I explained my desire to write, the prophesy spoken over me, the confirmations here and there and just the mind consuming feelings I have been having to write about this idea, I could see her eyes light up.

We were on the same page in so many ways. God was speaking the same message to us, placed the same desires on our heart, all to be carried out in different mediums.

As I was riding home, I was thinking about how huge this calling to write really is for me. I was in awe at the idea that He had been pursuing me since I was a kid through this love for writing.

But then God spoke. This path to writing didn't just get paved when I was a kid. It was paved with purpose and intent from the day I was born.

I was born in a car, told that story a million times and laughed at it a million and one times. But tonight, 30 years later, I realize I was born at the day, hour, exact minute and location I was supposed to thanks to God's timing. I was named after my godmother Frances because she delivered me in the back of the car. Had I been born at any other time, my name would have been Tamika. Why does this matter? I learned that my names means "free." God knew that my calling in life was to "set the captives free" through my desire to write so why not ensure that my name be called "free" so that I can walk in calling from birth?

His timing is so perfect it is mind blowing.

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